2016 Theraputic Riding Lesson Price List


There is a one time insurance fee - $45

Theraputic lessons are generally taught on a one-on-one basis for safety reasons for the first four weeks.

Private 15 Minute Lesson - $35


Then, if the client has advanced along their personal plan in sufficient ways, we will begin with group lessons. HorseSisters believes in inclusion to assist riders of all abilities in joining the group lessons. This may include family members if appropriate.


Group 30 Minute Lesson - $35

There is a $25 fee for missing a lesson without at least an hour's notice due at the beginning of the next lesson.

2016 Theraputic Riding Schedule

Currently, therapy sessions are being offered in the afternoon and evening only, to beat this Florida heat! Please contact Clairese at 321.267.2929 for scheduling needs or for additional information.

A ride on Sweet Abby

As a cost cutting necessity at HorseSisters, all association dues, certifications and memberships and periodicals were removed from the budget.  That doesn't mean we don't keep up in our field of expertise - we still attend local clinics, and with the advent of the Internet, digital and audio books, and webinars - plus hours and hours in the arena, trails and roads, we hone our horse and human skills with the constant drive to continue to increase our.knowledge base.

 Clairese was certified in March of 2000 by at a week long clinic by the CHA -Certified Horsemanship Association - as an English & Western Certified Riding Instructor.  In March of 2001 she went back to CHA for an additonal week to become an IRD - Instructor for Riders with Disabilites. During that time.  Clairese has also been driving horses since 2000 and is delighted to share what she keeps learning about training horses, horsemanship, riding English & Western, Jumping, Dressage and the exciting life of driving horses. She and her assistants are happy to accept riders and drivers of all ages and abilities.

HorseSisters strives to bring affordable, sometimes FREE, therapeutic horseback riding and special education services for anyone with physical, social/emotional and learning challenges.

We strive to share calming relationships with our horses, many of which are rescued, within our community through therapy and at events we are invited to attend.

We can work with all physical, emotional and behavioral disabilities. Our therapists can write a treatment plan and monitor each rider's progress, adapting lessons to suit the rider's needs. Our "Stable Life" program assures a sound horsemanship beginning for anyone, especially our youth at risk - such as foster children, children and adults in group homes, and in treatment centers. We can tailor a program to suit any clients needs.

Our licensed Therapists can evaluate all clients of all ages on an individual basis. An Individual Lesson Plan is drafted with treatment modalities outlined for each client. Sessions can begin immediately, with our Therapists monitoring the client carefully once a week. Only licensed PT's, OT's and S & L Therapists and licensed mental health therapists can offer these sessions.

Clients from all walks of life will be treated with respect and have the horse as a treatment partner on the road to self improvement.