Memorial Day Weekend Is NOT

about BBQ's and beer. No, we remember them all at HorseSisters. All Warriors. But most especially that died to keep our world free.

Four years ago, a week before graduation, a young ROTC Lt. was in Melbourne, FL in his brand new, decked out Infinity, with purple neon glowing under his chassis. He knew he needed tires and was getting paid in a few days and would certainly get them put on. Sure enough, he was on very busy 192, sort of an unofficial cruise strip on weekends. Sure enough, a similar but dark car was teasing him to race him. Witnesses say they went light to light a few times, when at the last match, something happened to make them touch. The darker car took off, while this young soldier - signed up in the delayed entry program with the Navy, went airborne in his car and landed upside down, and ending his young and too short life at age 18. Over 300 Palm Bay High School friends wore purple in his honor. So did Thunder. His Mother walked with her hand on the casket, and Thunder knew this was special so he took such tiny steps as we walked a mile with those grieving for this dear soul. His sister sits with me as I teach her how to drive and she steered us to her brother's grave, to the mournful sounds of her Mother's cries and screams. Our first young soldier. An honor to provide his last ride nonetheless, he volunteered to fight for his country.

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