Am I tuff enuff?

Oh my indeed...I feel I've let you all down in missing many days of writing in my blog. I so want to do so every day. I am even entertaining the idea of Vlogging as well, as soon as I can figure it out and what platform to use. Right now I am looking into YouTube. Boy it's confusing to me...seriously. I just don't seem to have the mind for this go here, download this, find ... etc. etc.

We've been looking for Board Trustees for HorseSisters. It takes about 5 hours a month of your time. We like our Trustees to run one of our committees and gather a crew. Those meetings are 1/2 hour before the board meeting. We meet on the last Monday of the month at 6 PM at the Cuyler Rec Center in Mims. Looking forward to folks giving us a helping hand and share in your gifts. The sky is the limit.

A member of the community asked me what our Mission Statement was and what is our philosophy. You can find our Mission Statement right here on our website. I need to add our Motto as well as it shines a brighter light on how we feel. One thing I need to say is that we are a secular charity. We have many people from many walks of life and we honor each and every one of them. Of course we cannot support or comment on supporting any political entitiy and we are careful to keep our thoughts to ourselves, especially on social media sites. We do have a pretty strong Social Media Agreement for our Board and Volunteers along with an Ethics Contract. So please do not get angry when we have a moment of silence before our events...what you do in that moment is up to you and your heart and spirituality. Aho or Amen or Shalom or Namaste...

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