Drowning in Stuff

Life has taken another path for Ron and I and HorseSisters. Our health makes it so we can hardly do what we did so easily just two years ago. We need help. We ask for help and people promise they will come and we are so grateful. Usually it's that one time we need our grass cut (our personal Snapper Ride around mower is still broken at the ranch, where we need to use it when the ranch mower dies). The ranch mower isn't pretty, and in fact it's 40+ years old, but thank you Joey & Ramona for the great, steel Craftsman. They sure don't make them like that anymore.

Looking at our mower, you can see the general unthriftiness of the ranch. We've had a half dozen caregives in the last 2 years and believe it or not, some of them left the places in even worse shape than it was! The ranch needs an auction - there is not two ways about it in my mind. We need the cash and I don't even care if people haul out my stuff to ask if it can go. Maybe we can organize it all better once we really see all we have accumulated and all we can let go.

Then there's our humble, historic home on 1/3 acre in Titusville, which is in fact the HorseSister's office. Today I had a Parks and Rec supervisor shock me when he called to tell me he was on my street and had come to drop off a contract. I was slightly humiliated at the condition of our home. The grass needs mown again. Ron's bench area needs cleaning. Storage doors under the garage apartment stairs are off their hinges. There's two dead washing machines there and things that belong at the ranch. Oh yea! There are many things here that belong at the ranch, only because when we get done with an event and it is late, it comes home with us. And it sits. In our dining room.

In our living room. On the back porch. On the front porch. And not to mention years of HorseSister's paperwork that could be boxed up and put in our attic, as we have to keep everything. Ron and I can no longer do these things. We sure want to thank the Korpacz family, Ashley Harris, Stephen Kangas and his Dad, and Robert Miller and Lori McFarlin. Since Ron's been hospitalized so much this past 6 months, we are so grateful for all the work you have done.

Tomorrow we are going to get paint from the Richard's Paint giveaway (6 AM, arghh) so we can get the house and garage and apartment painted, it's been 16 years - since the fire - and we certainly don't expect "help" to do that. But if some group would like to help us, we would not say NO. I would even make sure you are fed and watered...and can come and relax now and then. Alas, we have no AC in our house - it has passed away and we don't have the resources to get it replaced right now.

We are trying to get my GMC out of the shop in Orlando (used rear-end after ours went out at 66,000 miles) and our Dodge was literally stolen from us when the couple leasing it divorced and she took it to Louisiana. Yes, we have no transportation. The Camaro has a blown head, the El Caminio needs a transmission and the Corvette needs a radiator. The S-10 needs a windshield and brake cyllnders. We are a hot mess, the Austin Sr. Family right now and really need all your prayers and help.

I found this great article I want to share and we are going to try it slowly in our home. http://www.becomingminimalist.com/creative-ways-to-declutter/ We can do it at the ranch as well. I will be at the ranch Saturdays from now on, as often as I can. We have a big clean up to do and I want to attack the jobs before it gets too hot outside. I hope you're with us!!!

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