Do You Believe You Can Heal Yourself?

Some of you know a bit about soon to be age 61, the Founder Clairese and her hardworking husband Ron, now 66 years old - and some of you don't. They found a private ranch with horses advertising for help at the local feed store for Clairese, a super-sized lady who could not ride at any local stable due to their 200lb. weight limit. Of course Ron got involved when there was work to be done, in exchange for her riding privilages. It's where the two "Horse Sisters", quarter horse/Clydesdale crosses Honey and Misty, true sisters, came to be and became our namesake. Our brand. Someday I promise to share: but for now.

Misty, the Palomino is the youngest, and then Honey, the matriarch, at a 60 head cattle drive in Brooksville 5/29/99.

Do you believe you can heal yourself?

Do you think you have the capacity to change your mindset to help your body overcome not just small cricks in your back or a tension headache. How about something serious such as my spinal stenosis or Ron's congestive heart failure or his COPD? Big question, I know.

As I progress on my path, I am conciously aware that the universe is astounding and I have but touched so very little. I open myself to all kinds of knowledge and find myself going back to the old ways of my ancestors. We treat our fourlegged friends on the ranch the very same way. I have done so as a young woman, ever open to ways I never knew before. So I am captivated by this idea that

we can heal our bodies. One of the articles I enjoyed and wish to share with you here is:

Six Steps To Healing Yourself


Healing Energy Tools

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