HorseSisters Rocked Sonny's BBQ

Late Monday, the HS volunteers (we are ALL volunteers) arrived at Sonny's BBQ after an invitation from their Corporate office to have a fundraiser on them!

We set up our table for information and several people stopped and took our flyer and learned how to help us.

On their tables, and at the drive up and pick up windows was this wonderful flyer, also designed and furnished by Sonny's. All their visitors had to do was drop their receipt (or ask to) in our decorated box by the cash registers and Sonny's will give HS 10% of each receipt! How easy is that?

One thing that I found astounding that of the 75-100 people, very few had heard of us before. Wow. That was a big shock.

I clowned around, hoping it was standing room only and from 6:30 till 8:30, people were indeed standing in the vestibule just waiting to get to sit down. For a typically slow day as Monday's go, they were swamped. The manager loved it. We loved looking at our decoragted box and seeing the receipts overflowing. Now to find out just how much we made.

Stay tuned...

#BBQ #horserescue #SonnysBBQ #eat #therapeuticriders

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